Whats the Points?

August 20th was my last entry. Suffice it to say, life got a little more hectic than I anticipated. With everything that was going on, I sacrificed writing the blog for a while.

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Calm Coastline – DAD BSSL W8

The final week of the Dials and Dice league left us with no list building challenge whatsoever, and with the then-upcoming Jawa Junkyard Jamboree 2 on the horizon, I wanted to continue playing Welterweight games like week 2 to figure out my list for that event.

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Snips! – RJO Ahsoka

Ahsoka was the first of the Renegades Jedi Order series qualifiers, and the format was Extended with locked lists. I had signed up for this pretty much immediately after my wildly successful run at Lah’mu, and decided to carry my list forward.

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In Person X-Wing! – 513 Gaming

Not too long ago, I took an unexpected vacation to my hometown of Cincinnati, and I actually managed to get some in-person play against some players from outside my local area. I had been there a couple of times before, most recently taking 8th out of 19 in a small tournament there, and I was glad to be heading back.

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Lah’mu Galactic Qualifier

I have been looking at various hyperspace lists in preparation for this event specifically, and keep coming back to Jedi as my potentially strongest choice. I had played with 3x 7b Jedi Knight + THING a couple of times, and the one I had the most success with was Obi-Wan in the ETA-2.

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